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Published: Friday, December 23, 2016
GOSA Members:
During this month's board meeting, a discussion was had regarding the number of trustees necessary to fairly rep-
resent the membership of
the Greater Ohio Showmen's Association. After discussions of both keeping the number
of trustees at the current number of 11 and the proposed idea to reduce the number to 9 over the next two years
(removing one trustee seat each year), a motion to take the vote to the general membership during the annual meet-
ing was brought to the floor.

"Motion to put on the agenda for a vote of the general membership at the 2017 annual meeting
toreduce one trustee seat in the 2017 election and one trustee seat in the 2018 election leaving nine
(9) trustees and three (3) executive officers for a total of 12 board members after the 2018 election
by Jeff Otterbacher. Second: Jasmine Otterbacher. Motion passes with a majority voting yes and one dissenting vote from Bill Sterling."

Before settling on a final number, the board asked itself two questions:
(1) Have we designed a board that can carry out all functions, including committee work, without overburdening
the individual volunteer board members?
(2) Have we designed a board that will allow all board members to stay personally involved and interested in the
activities of the board?
The board answered "yes" to both of these questions, and with that is confident that by reducing the number by two
(2) for our board will be sufficient and produce a more productive board.


This matter is very important to the board and for the future of our organization. This discussion was not taken
lightly, and the board believes this is the best path to promote a highly efficient and productive board. As many of
you may know, the larger the group, the more difficult it is to make sure all opinions are heard and agree upon
a single resolution. We also believe that a smaller board will encourage more individual involvement and engagement
of board members while still being able to sufficiently carry out all of the board's responsibilities. By decreasing
the number of trustees, we feel the membership will still be fairly and accurately represented but allow for the board to
have more productive, in depth and deliberative discussion while still being able to progress the GOSA forward in
coming years.
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